Future Oriented Gateways

KF5VH Inducted to Board of Directors!

June 12, 202 The Board of Directors unanimously voted KF5VH – Stephen J Mahler as a member of the board. Welcome aboard Steve!

FOG Packet Hub Connections

XLX073 Connections Chart

Looking for something to do?

Just in case you are lookin for something to do... Check out our progress with FOG packet endeavors! Join us on Also, check out our progress with our Multi-mode D-Star, Fusion, and DMR Dashboard! Follow us on our Multi-mode XLX073 Dashboard

BPQ Packet Node

February 13, 2021 We have been successful in bringing up a packet BPQ node in the FOG cloud. It is virtually located in Miami FL.

Of Honorable Mention

It is with a heavy heart The FOG remembers the following recent SK's. W9SH - Steve Henke  Our good friend and mentor will be sorely missed. KG5ZI - Tom Jones  Our good friend and founding board member passed over the  bar on January 28, 2021 ( He lives in our hearts...

KD4LQB Inducted

January 9, 2021 The FOG Board of Directors unanimously voted KD4LQB - Thomas E Wingfield Jr. as a member of the board. Welcome aboard Tom!

Packeteer Email Reflector

November 8, 2020 FOG leadership applied and brought to life the Packeteer email reflector within the fnfrastructure. There was a lot of discussion to bring Packer into the FOG and several close friends have been utilizing the reflector to share ideas,...

*The- FOG* Conference Node

July 22, 2020 EchoLink conference node, *THE-FOG* , #563570 has been brought to life and permamently connected to the *SCARS* conference. ASL node 2172 is planned for future ASL expansion.

FOG Organization – Board of Directors Established

July 19, 2020 The FOG is happy to annouce that our Board of Directors has been established.  Congratulations to the following people! Chairman - W4RFJ - Roger F. Jordan Sr. IT Director / Co Chairman - GW8ZSL - Dave Phillips Board Member -  KY6V - Gordon Smith Board...